On Saturday 15th June Nelson Town Council organised a Family Fun Day to help raise awareness and funds for the North West Blood Bikes Lancs & Lakes. Their mission is to provide a free, but professional voluntary out of hours transport service to local NHS hospitals by carrying urgent and emergency blood, platelets, samples, donor breast milk, patient notes, theatre equipment, in fact anything that can be carried by motorcycle, between hospitals that is urgently required. They began in May 2012 and as the counter shows the number of call outs they are completing is growing exponentially. They provide this service through the night, at weekends and Bank Holidays enabling hospital funding to be better spent on patient care.
This fundraiser and fun day was a massive success. Generous Nelsonians, young and old, supported the blood bikers throughout the day and they were a testament to the diverse communities which live in Nelson.

The event raised a considerable amount of money, but the exact amount is yet to be counted.

“Me and my colleagues are extremely proud to have supported the North West Blood Bikes who provide an invaluable and life saving service”. Nelson Town Council Chairman, Councillor Zafar Ali.

“As a Town Council our mission is to support, help and improve everyday life for residents and who knows one day anybody from this town could be relying on the precious service of the blood bikes.” – Councillor Eileen Ansar.
“On behalf of North West Blood Bikes Lancs & Lakes, may I thank you for hosting the fundraising event in Nelson on our behalf. We were totally overwhelmed by the generosity, support and good nature of all the people we spoke to and interacted with. We would like to say a special thank you to all the scholars of Marsden Heights Community college for all their hard work, tirelessly going around with collecting buckets. They all came back to base ‘several’ times each to empty out the buckets as they were getting to heavy to carry for much longer.
Each and every one of them was a pleasure to talk to and they will all go on to become fine upstanding citizens. They are a total credit to the community and excellent ambassadors for the college.” Tony Edmonsdon (East Area Events and Talks Co-ordinator).

The Chairman Of Nelson Town Council, Councillor Zafar Ali, gearing up support for the blood bikes.

Nelson residents supported the blood bikers all day in the beautiful early summer weather.

Supporting the event was the Leader of Pendle Borough Council, Mohammed Iqbal, seen here with The Chairman Of Nelson Town Council, Councillor Zafar Ali, and Councillor Kamran Latif.

The Chairman Of Nelson Town Council, Councillor Zafar Ali, with Town Councillors Mashuq Hussain, George Adam and Sanval Safir – and the Positive Voices group from Marsden Heights.


Eid Mubarak from Nelson Town Council’s Chairman

This year Eid will be celebrated on Sunday or Monday (25th or 26th June) and Nelson
Town Council would like to wish everyone a happy Eid Mubarak.

Muslims around the world have been observing the holy month of Ramadhan since 27th May 2017, going 17 hours without food or drink.

Councillor Zafar Ali, Chairman Nelson Town Council, said: “For Muslims, the month of Ramadhan is a gift where the whole community comes together to observe one of the Pillars of Islam. It has been a testing month but the well deserved Eid celebration is in sight. I wish a very Happy Eid Mubarak to all the residents of Nelson, Lancashire and beyond!”.

On Eid, families and friends gather to eat and pray together during festivities that last up to three days in many Muslim countries, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadhan.

Although Eid is a celebration for Muslims, everyone’s thoughts and prayers remain with the victims and families of those affected by the atrocities in Manchester and London.

Nelson Town Council is hosting a Charity Fundraising Event for the North West Blood Bikes on Saturday 17th June 2017. We are calling on all bikers to attend and support this wonderful charity. A donation of £2.00 is being asked of bikers and all funds raised will go to the Blood Bikes. Nelson Town Council is sponsoring the event and is providing FREE children’s fairground rides and market stalls. Donations from the public would also be welcomed. Do you have a biker friend or relative, please let them know about this event and help us raise much needed funds for the charity. http://www.nwbb-lancs.org

Nelson Town Council

Nelson Town Council is saddened and horrified by the cowardly actions of 3
individuals in London on Saturday night. Our condolences go out to everyone
affected by this incident and especially to the family and friends of the 7
innocent people who lost their lives along with 48 others who were injured.

For this to latest attack to happen just a day before the sold out Manchester concert was to take place, remembering the 22 young people who lost their lives at the Manchester Arena bombing, is truly barbaric. The British way of life was not halted as stars including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and others performed at the breath taking tribute event.

Nelson Town Council wishes to commend the bravery of members of the emergency services and all those business owners sheltering Londoners throughout the night when this atrocity took place. “The UK wide community of all faiths and backgrounds has come together again to reaffirm its stance against terrorism and violent extremists who have no regard for faith or belief. ” – Zafar Ali , Chairman of Nelson Town Council.

The Unity Wellbeing Centre Management Committee and the Chairman of Nelson Town Council are pleased to announce the launch of the Unity Wellbean Cafe.

The much anticipated launch now goes ahead with a vast array of delicatessens ranging from breakfast, sandwiches, sweet treats and lunch options.

Those struggling to get out of their homes to attend the cafe can take advantage of a home delivery service.

For further information  on booking a table or any further queries please call 07779592648.

Tonight will be the first meeting of the Nelson Town Council Environment Committee. This is being held at 7:00pm at Unity Well Being Centre on Vernon Street, Nelson. If you have any ideas for environmental projects in Nelson, or would like to volunteer to help with Community Clean-Ups and Litter Picks, come along to the meeting

The Town Council provides 156 Hanging Baskets outside the retail premises on Manchester Road, Scotland Road, Railway Street, Market Street and Every Street. The baskets are watered daily and fed weekly by our Handyman to ensure we get the best display possible.
In 2016-17 the slightly larger baskets cost the Town Council £3,465.00. Due to problems with watering we did not get the best display from these baskets as the larger baskets require more water. This year we have used slightly smaller 12” baskets that contain a water reservoir at a cost of £2,340.00 making a saving for the Town Council of £1,125.00. It is hoped that the slightly smaller baskets will provide as much colour as the baskets used previous and will retain more water, lasting longer.
The Handyman and the Clerk spent 2 days installing the baskets, which have been secured with cable ties to prevent theft. Unfortunately, this has not preventing some thefts of plants from some baskets, so we are asking shop keepers to be vigilant with regards the baskets outside their premises.
“Every year we actively work to ensure Nelson’s flower baskets bring new life and colour to the town for spring and summer. The flowers when blossomed look beautiful. This year we also made a saving for the tax payer on the cost of the flower baskets.”- Zafar Ali, Chairman of Nelson Town Council.

Manchester Attack

Nelson Town Council sends its heartfelt and dearest condolences to the families of those affected in the horrific attack at the Manchester Arena in Manchester on Monday night.

At the time of writing, Police say 22 people have died and 59 people are injured after a suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena.

In a society which is tolerant and multicultural this heartbreaking incident has sent shockwaves through every household in Nelson, Lancashire and throughout the UK. The loss of innocent lives, and the targeting of young children, is incomprehensible and cowardly.

“With hundreds of Nelson residents travelling daily to Manchester to work and study, the hearts of all Nelson residents is with the people of Manchester.

When I attended the remembrance vigil, where thousands of people from all backgrounds attended to pay their respects, it was the epitome of Manchester’s vibrant multi cultural community. The people of Manchester, Lancashire, the north west and beyond have all stood together as a family at this difficult time.”- Zafar Ali, Chairman of Nelson Town Council.

Nelson Town Council is at one with the loss of the victims and their families and we pray for peace and solidarity during this difficult time.

New CCTV system is live in Nelson

Last year Nelson Town Council agreed to support the continued provision of CCTV within Nelson, on the condition that the system was upgraded. Following extensive work over the last 2 years, the CCTV hub has been thoroughly overhauled and has moved to a new Hub in Blackburn. The Town Council Chairman, Councillor Zafar Ali and the Town Clerk attended a demonstration event at the new CCTV hub to see how the operation is being managed.

The new hub has ‘state of the art’ equipment, with an extensive bank of video displays. There are 6 operating desks for close monitoring work and the hub is now staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is a vast improvement on the previous 3 days a week Nelson received. The hub also has direct contact with various sources for information including the police and local radio schemes.

“The hub is capable of delivering up to the second monitoring reports of key sites in Nelson which is invaluable to Police and enforcement in Nelson. I am satisfied that the decision to upgrade to this new set up was the right one especially when residents of Nelson, in the centre of town, are safe around the clock”- Zafar Ali, Chairman of Nelson Town Council.

Nelson has 10 fully operational cameras and cameras are now very rarely off-line. All the cameras can be operated remotely from the new hub and have an increased definition rate allowing for close scrutiny work when required. The new hub has a dual input system that allows for the cameras to be moved to another input in case of any failure, therefore the maximum down time for any camera is now 40 minutes. The cameras are all wireless, making huge savings on the rental of fibre-optic lines and removing the potential for lines to be cut and the images are high quality, although further improvements are planned with the introduction of High Definition cameras in the future.

Nelson Town Council has been given a direct contact into the Hub to report any issues or problem and we will be requesting a monthly report on the successes from the camera. The CCTV Manager advised that approximately 40% of all crime detections rely on CCTV evidence.

Nelson Town Council believes that our communities safety is paramount and that no one should be the victim of crime, this is why the Town Council has agreed to support these improvements to our CCTV system and will continue to support the CCTV to ensure it remains within Nelson.

Should you have any query on the CCTV locations or wish to report any suspicious activity please contact Steve Watson, town clerk, who will present your issues to the management team at the CCTV hub .