Grant Funding Programmes

The Council operates three grant schemes, details of which appear below. The objective of the Small Grants Scheme is to support and encourage a diverse range of community and youth activities, initiatives and events that meet the needs of the Nelson parish residents. We provide the small grants to organisations up to the maximum sum of £1,000. 

The Ward Initiative funding programme is designed to allocate funding to each ward within the Nelson Town Council boundary via the ward Councillor. Each of the six wards has a budget of £1,000 set aside for small grants to for improvements within the ward. Councillors may also help fund additional activities for voluntary and community groups that do not fit the small grants criteria.

The Dropped Kerb Grant helps Nelson residents with 50% of the cost of having a dropped kerb installed by Lancashire County Council on the public pavement outside their home. 

As our grant funding programmes are often over subscribed, we recommend that applicants explore as many other funding opportunities as possible, to ensure that we can support as many groups and projects as possible.  


 The Small Grants Scheme

Grant aid, up to a maximum of £1,000 is available to organisations, groups and, in the right circumstances, individuals for the following purposes:

* Capital cost of new or improved facilities or equipment

* Funding towards a public service

* Support towards a specific community event

* Improving the environment

* Enhancing the quality of life of residents

Applicants must ensure that they are a constituted group and must meet the criteria before submitting the application. Further details can be found on the small grants application form below.

Please use the link below to download the application form.

Small Grants Application Form PDF
Small Grants Application Form (MS Word)
 Ward Initiative Funding

Each of the six Nelson Town Council wards has an allocation of £1,000 for their Ward Initiative. The funding programme is designed to make improvements within the ward. Funding from this budget can cover a range of additional provisions such as benches, litter bins, landscaping or tidying up of communal land or providing flowerbed.

Applications will be considered from individuals, groups and organisations who meet the grant criteria. If you have a project that requires funding and meets the criteria then please contact your local ward Town Councillor in the first instance. If the Councillor is able to support the project, then he/she must ensure that support is given to the application from the other ward councillors who are required to sign the application in order for it to be considered and processed.

Please use the link below to download the application form.

Ward Initiative Funding Application Form PDF
Ward Initiative Funding Application Form (MS Word)
 Dropped Kerb Grant

Do you need to drive over the kerb of a public pavement to access your property in a mobility scooter, wheelchair, or vehicle? If so, you may need a dropped kerb in front of your house. As the kerb belongs to Lancashire County Council, the work must be carried out by them. You will need to apply to Lancashire County Council, they will give you a quotation in advance of doing the work. There are more details on this Lancashire County Council web page Vehicle crossings and Dropped Kerbs 

To assist Nelson residents in the cost of installing a dropped kerb, in September 2019, Nelson Town Council introduced the Drop Kerb Grant which will pay for half the cost of this work up to a maximum of £500. For example, if the quote from Lancashire County Council is £1000, Nelson Town Council will pay £500, or less if the total cost is less.
To apply for a Drop Kerb Grant, please email with the following documents:

  • The LCC quotation
  • A copy of your Bank Statement as proof of payment
  • Photograph(s) of the completed work
Your application will be discussed at the Finance and General Purpose Meeting after which we will inform you of the decision.

Organisations that have benefited from Nelson Town Council's Small Grants Scheme
  • The Royal British Legion
  • The Dementia Association
  • Friends of Nelson Station
  • Southfield Residents Association
  • Hodge House Residents
  • The Salvation Army
  • Nelson Football Club
  • Building Bridges
  • Together Lancashire
  • Victoria Park Pavilion
  • Armed Forces Support Group
  • Whitefield Cricket Club
  • Pendle Volleyball Club