Hanging Baskets

Published: 31 May 2017

The Town Council provides 156 Hanging Baskets outside the retail premises on Manchester Road, Scotland Road, Railway Street, Market Street and Every Street. The baskets are watered daily and fed weekly by our Handyman to ensure we get the best display possible.

In 2016-17 the slightly larger baskets cost the Town Council £3,465.00. Due to problems with watering we did not get the best display from these baskets as the larger baskets require more water. This year we have used slightly smaller 12” baskets that contain a water reservoir at a cost of £2,340.00 making a saving for the Town Council of £1,125.00. It is hoped that the slightly smaller baskets will provide as much colour as the baskets used previous and will retain more water, lasting longer.

The Handyman and the Clerk spent 2 days installing the baskets, which have been secured with cable ties to prevent theft. Unfortunately, this has not preventing some thefts of plants from some baskets, so we are asking shop keepers to be vigilant with regards the baskets outside their premises.

“Every year we actively work to ensure Nelson’s flower baskets bring new life and colour to the town for spring and summer. The flowers when blossomed look beautiful. This year we also made a saving for the tax payer on the cost of the flower baskets.”- Zafar Ali, Chairman of Nelson Town Council.