Nelson Town Council secures Heritage Lottery funding

Published: 11 February 2020

Nelson Town Council has been successful in its application for almost £50,000 pounds of funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The grant will fund a project designed to celebrate the life and achievements of the suffragist and socialist Selina Cooper who lived for most of her life in Nelson. The project will also highlight the history relating to the Unity Wellbeing Centre in Nelson which was for many years a centre for the Independent Labour Party.

Councillor Zafar Ali- Nelson Town Council Chairman, said:

“the Town Council has worked extremely hard with the support of Gary Webb and Kevin Webb to secure this grant for such a historical cause. The heritage connection with the ILP and suffragist movement with the Unity Wellbeing Centre will be invaluable for the community.

We want to the thank the National Lottery Heritage Lottery Fund along with Gary and a Kevin for their support and having confidence in us in delivering this key project.”

Councillor George Adam who is the Chairman of the management committee which oversees the Unity Wellbeing Centre said:

“this is an exciting development for us as a town council as we expect there to be lots of visitors to the centre once the official launch takes place. We have had lots of interest from the local schools, Colleges and UCLAN and we cannot wait to get things up and running.”

The heritage project includes the installation of four replica stained glass windows to replace the originals which were removed at a time when the building had fallen into a state of disrepair. It will also include major artwork designed to celebrate the life of Selina Cooper. Additionally, existing heritage material which has been donated with the help of Gary and Kevin Webb to the project will be restored and displayed throughout the centre.

A part time post of Educational Facilitator has been created to work with students from the University of Central Lancashire, local Further Education Colleges, Secondary and Primary schools as well as community groups who will all play an important part in bringing Nelson’s history and heritage back to life at the centre.

For all interested parties, please contact the assistant town clerk- Nick Harbour at:

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