** Nelson Town Council COVID-19 Update **

Published: 11 May 2020

** Nelson Town Council COVID-19 Update **

❌The Town Council’s facilities remain closed including the Town Council office, the Unity Wellbeing Centre and Revive Cafe. ❌

We’re urging residents to stay at home and be safe!

✅ The Town Council resolved at it’s last full council meeting to donate the budget for the cancelled Easter Fun Day event to the Pendle Community Support Hub.
✅The Town Council has set up a Crisis Leadership Team with an aim to signpost community organisations and residents in need of support and assistance (details will be posted separately).
✅We are continuing to support our nominated Charity- Rise Support, with soup production for their food bank along with the use of equipment.

** If anybody is aware of a vulnerable person in need of help, or you wish to have a confidential chat about support, please call the town council office mobile on 07735 350735 **